Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Review :)

Playing Mary with her baby Jesus

This is LONG overdue, I know! We had a wonderful Christmas! We enjoyed having Greg's parents and sister with her family stay with us for several days over the holiday. I don't have anywhere near enough pictures and am relying on copies of Granny's pictures to fill in the blanks. Both Bella and Irene were spoiled this year! Bella got the baby doll she had asked Santa for and also a new kitchen. She loves both and they are giving her lots of experience with pretend play. She also received a dress up trunk full of princess clothes which she adores! So much fun! Irene's favorite gift was her dolphin! That's right... she got her very own dolphin this year! My parents adpoted one for her while they were in Hawaii. She was so touched and excited she teared up! Anyway, here are some miscellaneous pics for you to enjoy!

Cute matching jammies!

Greg's sister Amy with her husband and two boys. They are expecting a little girl in March!

'Working' on her new computer, sitting just like Daddy does with his laptop.
This is one happy girl!

My nephew got a chocolate fountain for Christmas (by request!)

Bella LOVED it
Maybe a little too much


Eileen said...

Wow - I never knew that Baby Jesus was such a huge baby! Really cute pics - I especially like the one of Bella working so hard on her laptop - so serious!

Can't wait for my visit - see you soon!


Terri Anne said...

Merry Christmas!! What fun pictures... I love Mary, and the matching jammies... tooo cute.

Terry said...

Precious...all of you! "Mary" is ADORABLE! Glad she likes chocolate, too...not I'm wondering why I didn't ask for a chocolate fountain for Christmas. LOVE the adopt a whale gift...Irene looks so happy about that.

Richard Maus said...

Great to see pics of your family! I've been stalking your blog to see an update. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. :-)


ashleigh said...

can i use that picture of bella as mary for the front of my christmas card next year? that is the sweetest thing EVER.