Monday, July 27, 2009

The next step

Irene came by yesterday and collected her things. She told Greg that she is permanently moving out. He reiterated that we love her very much and she will always have a place to come home to. So that's where we're at. A half-empty room at the top of the stairs and hearts full of worry and sadness.

Isaac isn't handling the stress very well so Greg and I have decided that I should get away for a couple days. I'm heading to Charlotte to visit Cheryl and try to de-stress. Thank you so much for your support and continued prayers. They mean so much to us during this dark time.



Praying for Her safety. And praying that your travels are safe to Cheryl & Brian's. Take the time off and enjoy this last step of pregnancy with Isaac! ((HUGS))

Eileen said...

Cheryl and Brian will take good care of you and Bella and Isaac - have some fun and take naps etc to get ready for the arrival of your new little miracle - and as hard as it can seem right now, this is all going to come out ok - Irene will learn some hard lessons in the next few weeks but God is watching over her

Love to all the DiBartolo's from Maka and Papa

Terri Anne said...

You all have been heavy on my heart all day, and in my prayers.

R. Sutphin said...

Sharon and Greg,

I am so sorry for the difficulties you are facing. I will lift all of you up in prayer. I will pray for Irene to see that she needs to be in your loving home and arms. I will pray for her safety. I will also pray for sweet Bella.