Monday, December 1, 2008

The Wedding, Part 2

Eliot running down a country road!

Sigh. Doesn't it feel like a home? I loved it there.

It's taken me a while to sit and write this. I'd love to use all the easy excuses (like Thanksgiving, for example), but honestly it just comes down to one thing; my heart was so full I could barely process everything. I needed a week of reality before I could sit down and try to relay to others what my time in Texas meant to me. I left on Wednesday, the 19th and was gone until Sunday night. By myself. For the first time since having Bella, I went somewhere without her. I had such mixed feelings about it. I missed her like crazy, but in the end, I was so grateful for the uninterrupted time I had with my dear friends.

What everyone wants to know is what it was like to a) be re-united with Katie and Melissa and b) be there for Melissa's wedding. I'll try and tackle "b" first.

Because I was there early, I was able to be a part of a lot of the pre-wedding stuff like making bouquets and decorating the church and reception hall. We had a blast Thursday just hanging out together and watching everything unfold. The reception hall went under a dramatic transformation and turned out so pretty! And the nice thing about working together on these projects was the time it gave us to get to know Melissa's other friends. There were fourteen bridesmaids! It was like one long, extended slumber party! So much fun!

Melissa, the night before her wedding

One of my roomies on this trip, Sarah!

Melissa making arrangements while decorating the reception hall on Thursday

My other roomie, Catherine, who has been Melissa's friend since they were babies!

Katie, looking gorgeous and acting silly!

Melissa and her mom at Mel's bridal shower

Saturday, Melissa was calm and radiantly beautiful. There is no other way to describe her. She was glowing with excitement, but sure and certain. Regal. I've known Mel almost two years and have never seen her like that. It was a particular beauty that came from within herself and it took your breath away. What a privilege it was to be there and be a part of her day! Something remarkable about Melissa: she took time on her wedding day to do the hair of all of her little sisters, herself, and her best friend!

The wedding was emotional. I've never felt the Holy Spirit during a wedding ceremony like I did last Saturday. The presence of the Spirit in that sanctuary was palpable. The music was gorgeous. Just like their own lives, the ceremony for Scott and Melissa focused not on themselves, but on Christ. I was blessed by being there.

On to "a" and what it was like to be with my girls again. There are no words. It was as if not a day had gone by. Except we're all wiser these days. The time we spent in Antigua together bonded us as friends, but our individual struggles there and beyond have seasoned us. Oh, it felt good to be there. And it was so much fun! Katie delights me. She's funny, ridiculous,thoughtful, intelligent, insightful and I could go on and on (and she would like me to!). Spending four days with her was like having a gigantic band-aid placed over my heart. Spending those four days celebrating with Melissa was icing on the cake. It did my heart good. Let's do it again soon, girls! Miss you and love you both!

My new favorite picture

Eliot striking a pose

Katie being silly with my camera after breakfast

Katie and I

And Mary Margaret: I love you, sister.


Melissa Scott said...

Not only are you a very gifted writer but you are my dear friend and I love you so much it hurts....what an amazing time, just made our friendship deeper if that is even possible!!

Amanda said...

Thank you so much for sharing about the wedding!!!! Melissa is are a very gifted writer. You, Katie & Lindsey Wheeler all have a way of getting the water works going with me!!!!

I so cannot wait for the day that I can hopefully meet you and your sweet family face to face...I feel like I have known you all this time since you lived with Katie and the cutest nephew in the world.

Love ya'll!!!

Rhonda said...

What fun pictures Sharon. What a wonderful celebration to share in and such great friendship.

Anonymous said...

That Katie is quite beautiful.