Monday, April 13, 2009

The Night Before

Tomorrow we're having another ultrasound and will hopefully be finding out the baby's gender. I have always wanted to find out... it never even crossed my mind to wait until the end and be surprised. I want to know so I can call this baby by name. I want to be able to plan for the baby, buy things for the baby, write letters to the baby, and have all these things be personalized. I can't wait to stop saying "it" or "the baby" and start saying him or her! Oh, sweet baby, what a moment it will be when I learn who you are!!!

I keep thinking that our moment tomorrow will be similar to those who were open to gender with their adoption and were told at referral what they were having...


Derek and Jennifer said...

We had one of those moments in our adoption only we thought we had decided on a girl but God had other plans:) Somehow we never got put on our agencies girl only list but once we saw our son's picture we were head over heals. I just love that God still gave me that gender surprise in our adoption journey. God is so good!!!

Hope you find out tomorrow! Enjoy that special moment.

Rhonda said...

I was the same way. Would rather have everything in pink or blue than green and yellow!!!!